Welcome to the London City Film Festival, where the best movies shine!

Enjoy the magic of filmmaking with thousands of others around the world, an adventure that brings together exciting visuals, music, light and much more!


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Welcome to LCFF!

Welcome to LCFF 2014, We look forward to receiving your films

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And Congratulations to the Winners and the mentions of LCFF 2013

1ST PRIZE Kdo se boji črnega moža? (Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Wolf?) / Janez Lapajne / Slovenia
2ND PRIZE Connected / Chris van der Vorm / USA
3RD PRIZE Playdate / David Shane / USA

Best Male Actor – Bodysurfer – Kevin Dee / dir: Kathryn Goldie, Australia
Best Female Actor -Pasak – Grace Looi Chun Miin / dir: Nell Eu, Malaysia
Best Director – Framed – Ondrej Hudecek / Czech Republic
Best Script – Diapause -Thomas Faustin Huisking / dir: Carr Cavender, USA
Best Editor – Time 2 Split – Fabrice Bracq / dir: Fabrice Bracq, France

The London City Film Festival encourages artists to explore their craft, to delve
wholeheartedly into their stories and express them from their own unique
perspective. It is a festival designed to celebrate creativity, to celebrate the art of
storytelling, and the ways in which those messages can offer us understanding and
insights into the myriad of issues that face the world today.

Exploring themes of grief, love, migration, passion, to name a few, The London
City Film Festival’s aim is to empower film-makers to advance their work whilst
connecting them to a global audience. The festival promises an
experience that informs and inspires, entertains and moves its audience.